Wireless Charging Industry Set to Break Out Holitech Leading in Layout and will Pilot Development

  • Time:2018-02-24

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Wireless charging has been stirring both the market and users’ imagination about its future market potential as Apple and Samsung, the two high-end brands, keep increasing new product research and development and launch a series of products.

Various high-tech companies from the United States to Europe and even China, continue to develop new technologies. New capital, new technologies and regular entry of vendors in the market continue to drive product updates as well as the rapid growth of market capacity. As predicted by the European company NXP, shipment of electronic devices with wireless charging function will exceed 1 billion by 2020, and smartphone receivers and wireless charging accessories remain the main product types. The global wireless charging market will scale up to US$15 billion by 2024 from US$1.7 billion in 2015. The market prospect presents an explosive and rapid upward trend.

Two core elements affecting transmission capability of wireless charging are the magnetic material and magnetic induction coil. Magnetic material is divided into nanocrystals and ferrite. As a new type of polymer magnetic material, nanocrystals will maintain the mainstream position in the market, and dominate high-power and high-experience wireless charging products in the future. Holitech is one of the few companies in the world with core technology competence as well as globally competitive advantages in mass production capability of nanocrystals.

Another core element of wireless charging is the magnetic induction coil. It is divided into large current FPC coil and precision metal coil. FPC has many advantages such as good consistency, easy assembly and flexible design, while precision metal coil is characterized by superior electrical properties and simple design. The two types of magnetic induction coils will coexist for a long time depending on product demand, and Holitech has the leading core R&D advantage as well as mass production capability for both types of coils. 

Holitech is one of the few listed companies in China to have had the foresight to enter the wireless charging domain, and possess mass production capabilities. Based on its overall grasp of core resources and solution kits for wireless charging technology, the company has established relevant investment plans and preparation, and deployed large-scale wireless charging automation plants (nanocrystal, magnetic induction coil and final assembly plant) in Wan’an, Xinfeng and other places in Jiangxi relying on the support of existing customer resources, to meet the delivery needs of major customers. It has also become highly proficient in the production process and has established mass production capacity

By precision targeting wireless charging and complying with industry trends, Holitech has firmly occupied a strategic leading position in the core materials – nanocrystals and magnetic coils, as well as in establishment of an automated plant, establishing its competitive advantage in the wireless charging field, as it aspires to become the global industry leader. Holitech aims to make regular investments in R&D for new technology and applications, to maintain and strengthen its position as a leading supplier in the wireless charging industry, and in integrating materials, modules and finished products, which is also an important mission for the company’s long-term development.

In recent years, Holitech has adhered to the “1+N” development strategy, and has completed the strategic transformation from single operation to diversification and globalization. Its performance growth and business development momentum have been extremely rapid. In 2016, Holitech’s annual net profit amounted to RMB874 million, up by 300.72% year-on-year, and its overall performance in 2017 is expected to maintain a high growth trend. There was also continuous increase in the production and sales volume of main products, and customer penetration is increasing year by year, which not only shows the sustained and steady development of Holitech’s main business, but also proves the foresight in its strategic layout and its firm determination to become a first-class enterprise over the years. As the leader in China’s smart terminal core component industry, Holitech has always focused on serving core customers and growing with customers by virtue of its own advantage in terms of resources and value of products, and it will benefit from the sustained development of the industry.

China’s wireless charging market is all set to break out in 2018. As you can imagine, an enhanced user experience will definitely make wireless charging an irreversible trend in the future. Pioneering top Chinese and international manufacturers, lifestyle changes of consumers, increasingly mature wireless charging technology and capital investment of related enterprises are the four factors that have jointly ignited this huge mobile phone wireless charging market.