E Ink Holdings Incorporated Establishes Strategic Cooperation with Jiangxi Holitech Technology

  • Time:2016-10-11

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The global leader in e-paper technology – E Ink Holdings Incorporated (E Ink) announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangxi Holitech Technology Co., Ltd. on October 26th, 2015. The parties will have in-depth cooperation and shall jointly leverage each other’s technological, manufacturing and market advantages, to focus on mobile phone, shelf tag and wearable product applications, to expand e-paper applications in China.

Frank Ko, Chairman and CEO of E Ink, said that E Ink has a leading technological advantage in the e-paper field, a comprehensive patent portfolio in the global e-paper development technology, and has advanced development and manufacturing capabilities for electronic paper film and electronic paper module. He said that the company is pleased to integrate application and development capabilities, leverage advantages of industrial chain production and the strength of high-quality customer group of Holitech in the electronic paper product market of Mainland China. The strategic cooperation between the two parties will actively expand the market scale and development of various electronic paper product applications in the Mainland China market.

Jin Bo, Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Jiangxi Holitech Technology, pointed out that it is an honor for Holitech to cooperate with E Ink. The strategic partnership with E Ink will achieve the objectives of overall cooperation, will be highly advantageous and establish a win-win market for both parties. Holitech will focus on the development of E Ink e-paper products through the strategic cooperation to jointly promote the application and customer demand of electronic products with E Ink. It will vigorously promote applications for mobile phones, shelf tags and wearable products, seize the market opportunity brought by the wide application of e-paper, and strive to improve the operation scale of both parties and expand the application and development scope of the e-paper industry in the Mainland China market.

About E Ink Holdings Incorporated


Founded in 1992 by Taiwan’s leading papermaking and printing group Yuen Foong Yu Paper Manufacturing Group (Yuen Foong Yu Investment Holding Limited Liability Company 1907.TW), E Ink Holdings Incorprated (e Ink) (8069.TW) is a pioneer in TFT and e-paper business in Taiwan,. Since its establishment, it has leveraged cutting-edge technology to provide customers unique experiences. With this vision, it has consistently invested in and cultivated the e-paper display market, and acquired USA’s E Ink Corp., in 2009, to consolidate its leading position in the e-paper panel market. Following this, it integrated up and midstream technologies in the e-book industry and became a leader in the global e-paper panel industry. Originally known as Yuantai Technology, the company changed its English name to E Ink Holdings Incorporated in 2010 and acquired SiPix Technology Inc., in 2012. For more information about E Ink Holdings Incorporated, click here.