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JiangXi Holitech Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of RMB 3128,000,000. Holitech is a manufacturer and solution provider in the electronic field. Its service includes the design, development and production of Liquid Crystal Displays, Touch Displays, intelligent Hardware Products as well as the sales and after-sales service.

The company majorly produces the following products: Liquid Crystal Displays, Liquid Crystal Display Modules, Touch Screens, Fingerprint recognition, Smart Wearable Products, intelligent Vehicle Products, Intelligent Micro Controller, Intelligent TLI/TFT Modules, Embedded Display Modules etc. Since Holitech was founded, it developed and Produced more than 1,000 different Products used in Instruments and Meters, Smart Home Appliances, Communication Products, Smartphones, Industrial Equipment, Medical Equipment, Automotive Electronics, Digital Products, Watches etc.

With the successfully passed ISO9001/Ts16949/ISO14001 Certification Holitech started its rapid growth. Establishing its name in the hard Touch-Display Market, Holitech started long-term relationships with many well-known domestic and international Customers. The existing customer base is e.g. including Canon, Samsung, SHARP, LG, Foxconn, Panasonic, Goer Tek, BenQ and other first-class enterprises.

With its customer-base Holitech is able to create a dream of prosperity and is always committed to provide the customers with diversified and customized products, competitive solutions and high-quality customer-service. All for a better Future!

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